Essential oils are made from steam distilling plants and extracting the delicate substance that is the life-blood of the plant.  Their function in the plant is to carry nutrients into the cells of the plants, and it is the immune system of the plant. Unlike vegetable or nut oils which are sticky and viscous, most essential oils are light, non-oily substances that will evaporate if left uncovered.  They are concentrated substances that carry the healing properties of the plants in a powerful form.  One drop of essential oil of peppermint is equal to 26 or more cups of peppermint tea.  It  can take thousands of pounds of plant substance to make a small amount of essential oil.

Plant medicine has been used for thousands of years; we have an obvious symbiotic relationship with plants.  We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide - plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen!  We cannot live without plants, and they have provided both food and healing properties to humankind throughout history.  When a herb is cut and dried, the potency of the plant is greatly diminished as the essential oil dries out.  The essential oil is a very potent aspect of the plant and has many healing properties that provide immune enhancing benefits for us, and contain many properties for mind and body.

Essential oils and human blood share several properties.  Essential oils fight infection and support the immune system.  When we study text about essential oils we will find they have many properties and are known to be antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral, and protect the plant from insects, bacteria, molds and repair damaged tissue of the plant.  These properties work for us as well!  They are obtained through pure steam distillation, and are called essential because without them the plant will die.                                 


Therapeutic grade Essential Oils

A drop or two of therapeutic essential oil can often produce quick and significant results. Blood studies show that essential oils penetrate into cells deep inside the body and can pass throughout tissue within minutes to benefit the body and mind.

Only therapeutic quality essential oils should be used, as they are pure and unadulterated.  They should be carefully steam distilled at slow, low pressure to protect the delicate healing constituents that are contained in the plant material.  Many essential oils that are sold in the marketplace are used for perfumes and flavorings, and contain chemical solvents to amplify fragrance and lower cost.  They lack the fragile and complex constituents of therapeutic-grade oils.  A synthetic or low-grade oil may actually cause rashes, burns, allergic reactions, nausea and indigestion, could be carcinogenic with prolonged use and should not be used when trying to get health benefits of pure essential oils.  There are no allergic reactions to pure essential oils. Learn more...

What we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream and affects all the cells in our bodies.  Cellular health is very important. We should educate ourselves and make conscious decisions to protect ourselves and our loved ones from chemical laden personal care products, as well as chemicals in the food chain.  All Young Living Essential Oils are guaranteed for purity and therapeutic quality - choose the best for yourself and your clients.

"We honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy - essential oils  - by fostering a community of healing and  discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance."                             

                                                                    — Young Living Mission Statement

“We extend a welcome to all to become part of Young Living Essential Oils.  We are a company that provides something to believe in, a company that provides  education, health, abundance and life-changing experiences to those who come and participate...”


                                              Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils


  WELLNESS, PURPOSE AND ABUNDANCE                              




     Oils of the Gods

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