HEALTH is our greatest wealth.  Health is a lifestyle, and comes from actions based on  balanced choices we make.  We can learn to nurture ourselves inside and out, and live a satisfied life.

In these modern times, when we are exposed to so many chemicals and environmental toxins which we have no personal choice about, we should make every effort to minimize the exposure we experience in those areas of life where we can easily make different choices for ourselves and our families.

Yes, it takes effort to create healthy habits, but either we spend the time, money and energy up front to be healthy, or we are likely to spend the time, money and energy being unwell, sick and in pain.  Take charge of your health!

The food we eat makes a big difference in keeping our bodies healthy.

Get in the habit of reading labels.

Eat organic whenever possible, and support Organic  Consumers Association.

Eat fresh, unprocessed foods as much as possible.

       Do regular cleanses to eliminate built up toxins.


Use Ningxia Red longevity drink from Young Living to eliminate free radicals that cause degeneration, and to support the immune system.  Ningxia Red is one of the best all time health drinks available!!

Stop poisoning yourself and your loved ones with perfumes, after-shaves, colognes, chemical household cleaners, etc., which are full of toxic chemicals. Learn more...

Learn about the many Young Living products that can be used for cleansing or enhancing the immune system.  An ounce of prevention is surely better than a pound of cure!

Educate your self and take steps to stay well.  Young Living offers many easy to use ways to help you support your health.  Learn about the standards of medical health in the U.S., and how you can avoid potential risks of the medical model.  Its worth the effort to live a healthy life!



  WELLNESS, PURPOSE AND ABUNDANCE                              




     Oils of the Gods

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