How to use 

 Ningxia Red

For best results, add the Ningxia Red to 6 or 8 oz. of water.  When first starting, it is best to take 2-4 oz. daily the first couple of weeks.  If health is poor or you are dealing with a health challenge, take 4-6 oz. daily to saturate the cells for the first 2 or 3 weeks, or until health is improved.  Then use 1-2 oz. per day for maintenance.

  When  traveling, or feeling my immune system needs extra support, I increase the amount of Ningxia Red.  Otherwise,  I use 1 oz. per day to sustain my energy. 

After using daily for 3-4 months I noticed a big improvement in my eyesight.  This has continued  and I have cut my lens prescription radically!  My energy is very good and stable from using Ningxia Red regularly.

         - Shady

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Vonn Harting says to join the Liver Lovers club, take 2-4 oz. of Ningxia Red daily for 180 days!

Teri Secrest said she noticed several grey hairs.  She increased her daily dosage to 4 oz. and within a few weeks the grey hair was gone!

                           Ningxia Red

Young Living’s amazing longevity drink and health tonic for the whole family.  Ningxia Red is the highest anti-oxidant drink made from natural ingredients that is available on the market.

feel the difference!


In a study published in the Journal of the American Nutriceutical Association, Ningxia Red was found to increase spleen phagocyte cell counts by 81%.  Having a large number of phagocytes in the spleen enables the body to more quickly eliminate foreign substances, including bacteria and disease-causing agents, thus preventing the development of illness.  Ningxia Red is the only drink of its kind to have a published peer-reviewed clinical study on the actual product and not just the main ingredient.

Ningxia Red health benefits include:

increases energy

normalizes blood sugar

improves eyesight

strengthens the immune system

reduces inflammation

regenerates the liver, kidney and spleen

repairs DNA

supports weight loss and reduces cravings

strengthens the cardiovascular system

reduces cholesterol

normalized blood pressure

reduces candida

anti-aging - stops the buildup of rancid fats in your tissues

very low glycemic index - 10.5 (grapefruits are 26 and table sugar 83)

Ningxia Red:

Naturally super-charged health tonic based on Ningxia Wolfberry.

* Known for their longevity, the people of the Ningxia Province in China eat one to two pounds of wolfberries a day. One ounce of Ningxia Red is the equivalent of two pounds of wolfberries!

* Comparison of S-ORAC* scores with other health drinks via independent testing at Brunswick Lab. "S" stands for Superoxide, and ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. S-ORAC testing measures a product's ability to destroy the most dangerous and abundant free-radical, superoxide.

Elevated superoxide is linked to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, asthma and other inflammatory conditions. Young Living sent the Ningxia Red product back to Brunswick Lab in Massachusetts three times, because they could not believe the numbers showing up on this products ability to reduce the free-radicals, until they were convinced by the president of the lab that the number is correct.

Testing is per ounce of juice. To come close to the anti-oxidant power of ONE OUNCE of Ningxia Red, one would have to drink 1-1/2 bottles of Via Viente, 8 bottles of Xango or 9 bottles of Noni. Those hooked on Himalayan Goji are out of luck.

S-ORAC Scores from New Brunswick Laboratories:

Ningxia Red 363 (WOW!)

Via Viente 8.6

XanGo 1.8


Himalayan Goji 0 (as in Z-E-R-O)


* According to Marc Schreuder's research, sugar hastens aging faster than any other substance and high sugar levels are twice as damaging as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. The Wolfberry Crisp Bar has a glycemic index of 14. Ningxia Red has a glycemic index of 10.57 (per 50 grams). It doesn't spike blood sugar and is a superior source for poly-saccharides (good sugars) which are necessary for optimum health.

  1. *The wolfberry is an alkaline protein and is acid binding (meaning that it will help eliminate excess acid in our bodies).

How to Live Younger Longer

As you grow older and desire to live younger longer, you may begin to wonder what it is that makes many people suffer from ailments due to aging, while others enjoy their longevity. An American scientist did some wondering of his own and managed to figure out the science behind the process of aging. Dr. Denham Harman read a 1945 Russian study that purported to show that cells are immortal. Thinking it was nonsense, he asked himself, “What kills us?” He began to look for the single cause responsible for aging. Why just a single cause? “I knew that when Mother Nature finds something that works, she uses it over and over,” Harman said.

As a result, Dr. Harman began to study free radicals, atoms or molecules that contain one or more unpaired electrons. These unpaired or "free" electrons are compelled to steal an electron from the nearest cell. This act, much like a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store, causes damage to the cell.

Dr. Harman suddenly understood that free radical reactions cause the deterioration of cells and accelerate aging with all its attendant ills. Can stopping free-radical damage make one immortal? Unfortunately not. But the body can remain healthy far longer if these electron-grabbing atoms are contained or neutralized.

Antioxidants are the key to containing and neutralizing these free radicals. Eating foods high in antioxidants will get you far, and drinking NingXia Red® will really put you on the right track to longevity.


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